At ALL, we believe that each student, each test, and each subject is unique. The only true way to study for this critical test is 1 on 1 with an experienced tutor who understands how the student thinks and how the test is designed.

Our tutors have hundreds of hours of experience. As a result, our students have seen the scores they need to get into the school they want. Discover the ALL difference:

1. We begin with a FREE practice test. This baseline score and breakdown helps provide an individualized study program that sets realistic expectations and focused goals that ensure success. Taking BOTH practice tests, the ACT and the SAT, and comparing the scores also helps guide the student’s decision about which test to pursue.

2. All tutors work with students 1 on 1 throughout their study program. Tutors focus on both content as well as study skills to wisely approach the test question by question.

3. We test for improvement throughout the study and are able to easily shift and alter the study plan to accommodate student’s needs.

What Parents Say:

We are extremely happy with the Academic Learning Labs and highly recommend it! Our daughter earned 100% on her Algebra II Final and 100% on her Algebra II Assessment due to the outstanding tutoring from Chip. Our daughter has also had many other excellent tutors in a variety of subjects. Terrific ACT and SAT tutoring also. Great place for all of your tutoring needs!

-Mary Althof

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session for yourself or your youth, please call us at 949-546-0800.