Our Process

Our Process

1. Call: Call our center and speak with one of our fantastic staff members. Discuss your child’s school experience, grades, learning differences, and strong points. The ALL team has years of experience working with local schools and districts. Once you join the ALL family, we are always a phone call away for ongoing support and assistance.

2. Choose Your Package: Purchase a package of hours. Our rates vary based upon the size of package you choose. Our experienced sales staff will provide guidance on what package works best for your family’s needs. All of our packages are good for the entire family!

3. Find Your Match: ALL partners with your family’s goals by matching you with a tutor we believe suits your child’s subject, schedule, and personality. If you would like to change tutors, times, or subjects you may do so at any time!

4. Schedule: Schedule your sessions! There is no right or wrong way to use your hours. You may call us before a quiz or schedule every day of the week! However, as a rule, ALL staff typically recommend a consistent, weekly schedule to keep students from falling behind in their courses.

For questions or scheduling, please call us at 949-546-0800.