Sogol’s passion for tutoring in science and math developed early on while studying for
her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at UC Irvine. She successfully completed her
Biological Sciences major in 2014, graduating at the top of her class. Her studies involved a
heavy emphasis on advanced biology, chemistry, and mathematics, and Sogol learned early on
in her collegiate career that she studied most effectively through the collaborative process of a
group study program which allowed her to teach her colleagues while reinforcing her own study

Sogol eventually went on to work as a research assistant for the University’s Nephrology
department and became a published author of several scientific studies. 

Sogol’s love for the medical sciences has led her to a career as an EMT. She is currently working
towards attending Graduate school, with a specialty in the field of medicine. Her love for
medicine is based on the fact that a specialty in this field will allow her to combine the two things
she loves the most: teaching and hands on medical care. 

Sogol’s tutorial style combines her vast knowledge of math and science with an easy-going
teaching approach which her students find approachable, manageable and digestible. She tailors
each session based on the needs of her students, their strengths and educational goals in an
effort to enable each student to maximize their learning potential.

Over the years, she has taken great pleasure in observing her students improve academically
because she finds that academic improvement not only brings her students joy, but also boosts
their confidence and sense of self worth.